Samica Shares Music Video for ‘Summer of ‘99’

Samica, a singer songwriter from Northern California, has released a brand new music video for her delicate track ‘Summer of ’99’.

Samica is a first generation Indian American, who grew up in Northern California. as she grew up, she was surrounded by a beautiful family environment complete with traditional Indian music in her home. As well as this classic sound, she is also inspired by urban radio from the 90s and early 2000s.

Her first original so was released in 2019 and named ‘Alright’ and has racked up over a million streams in total.

At the beginning of her career Samica started with posting covers on YouTube. Excitingly, sometimes this also gained the attraction of the original artists which lead to reposts by some huge names such as Lizzo, Jesse Reyez and Marshmallo.

Samica paints a heart-breaking picture with ‘Summer of ‘99’, with some deep emotional lyrics. It’s truly a breath of fresh air, and you can’t help but put yourself in her shoes. A song about passion, silence and fake happiness. The perfect concoction of knowing you’re not alone in these emotions, and that it’s ok to feel them all at the same time.

From the beginning, the music video matches the vocals completely which can only be described in one word – precious. Samica’s sweet voice is met with gorgeous hues met by moonlight, ensuring a truly aesthetic vibe.

When discussing the track, Samica said:

“This is a song that reminisces on all the innocence of young love that could have been. It’s about what every generation has in common: love and heartbreak.”

With a raw edge and captivating lyrics, Samica is doing a perfect job of creating material that is super relatable. She is also passionate about bridging the gap between emotion in female and male experience as well as the gap between cultures, which we think she is continuing to do incredibly.

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