Los Angeles pop rock singer Madison Deaver’s new single ‘C U in Hell’ was appropriately released just days before Halloween on October 29th 2021. 

In her teens Madison Deaver began transforming her experiences into lyrics and setting those lyrics to music. Madison started her music career by performing at different events and charity events. She started posting covers on her youtube channel, Madison Deaver, at just 11 years old. 

‘C U in Hell’ is in contrast to her single ‘Forgive You’, released about a year ago. This song is all about a personal experience of forgiving and forgetting a past relationship.

Madison says; “Now when their last words at the end of a bad relationship are ‘Go to hell’, I don’t take it lightly” which clearly means Madison has had a change of heart about her response with this new song. This new single is a reason for Madison’s rise in the female rock resurgence happening now. She’s even been compared to the garage days of Gwen Stefani and Avril Lavigne. With her very in your face lyrics, implying that the devil is saving her a room and mother blaming. The bridge is incredibly narrated by Madison Deaver ending in a devilish laugh and ‘Let the games begin’. 

Live audiences have already enjoyed and engaged with C U In Hell, which was included in her setlist for her East Coast mini tour which began once lockdown was lifted. The single gives off very 2000’s vibes and personally being a 2000’s baby brings me so much nostalgia from my childhood. One of the writer’s describes the single as ‘a very modern, captivating, intense music that keeps you glued to the speakers from start to finish’. This single is definitely a song that needs to be played on full volume and sung at the top of your lungs. It’s 100% going to be the new gen Z break up song. You can check it out now on Spotify! To show your support even further, make sure you follow Madison on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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