Charlotte OC Releases Live Video for ‘Here Comes Another’

Charlotte OC has shared a live performance of her banger ‘Here Comes Another’, following the success of her album launched earlier this year.

The track comes from the her new album ‘Here Comes Trouble’, which is available to listen to on all streaming platforms. After multiple hints and teasers since April, Charlotte has amazed fans with an authentic live video of a popular album track.

With an incredible 570,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, Charlotte shows no sign of slowing down. The new release follows the success of her previous EP ‘Oh The Agony, Oh The Ecstasy’.

‘Here Comes Another’ really shows Charlotte in her purest form, showing a vulnerable side that fans and listeners alike are thrilled that she’s shared. With lyrics that some will relate to since the pandemic, it’s been easy to question your own physical and mental health following the multiple lockdowns.

When discussing the track, Charlotte said:

“In August 2020, my world fell apart. I started drinking a lot, not eating much, smoking like a chimney and just not looking after myself at all. I lost control of everything and there was nothing I could do. After a night out where I drank so much I forgot about all the shit that was going on, I got into bed in the early hours of the morning and I was alone in my thoughts. It honestly felt like 3 demons were sitting on the end of my bed going over all the things that had gone wrong, all the things I’d lost and all the things I couldn’t change.”

To celebrate the album, she played a one off show in London and another in Berlin. As well as the exciting new album, Charlotte OC will also be touring Europe for fans and gig goers. You can find the tour dates below:

Paris – 6th May 2022

Rotterdam – 7th May 2022

Cologne – 7th May 2022

Berlin – 11th May 2022

London – 18th May 2022

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