Jane. Introduces New Artist Project With Debut Single ‘Ingenue’

Photos by Bradley J. Calder

Jane. – a new music project started by LA singer-songwriter Raj Jain – has released their debut single titled “Ingenue.’ The track is now available to stream via Spotify!

“Ingenue” was written entirely during isolation. During the process, the singer was able to use his time recounting memories that would improve his storytelling. The outcome turned out to be a wonderfully smoothing single that instantly engrosses the listener. It’s the perfect song to meditate to, and to use as a tool to get deep within your own thoughts and to own them in a healthy way.

When talking about the track, Raj explains;

“It’s a song of loneliness but there’s a joy in the loneliness. It’s kind of about wanting to be wanted. There’s an understanding on why the antagonist’s interest is elsewhere, but I’m still craving her attention.”

A visualiser was also dropped alongside the song, and is now available to view via YouTube below;

As mentioned previously, Jane. is a brand-new music project run by Raj Jain. The aesthetic and sound of this venture focuses on the tradition of dream pop and brit pop from the 90’s. It’s a style that will suit almost everybody. It may even take them back to a more simpler time. Since Raj grew up half Indian, a quarter black, and a quarter white in both America and India, Jane. is allowing him to creatively express his identity. Using the power of music, he will be able to perfectly represent who he is as an artist and as a person.

Jane. will be releasing more music in the months to come, and will be releasing a debut EP this autumn. To ensure that you don’t miss out on any updates, be sure to follow him on Twitter and Instagram!

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