Mae Krell Releases New Single ‘Rest Stop’

Photo Credit: Sophia Ragomo

Singer-songwriter Mae Krell, has recently dropped their fantastic new single titled “rest stop.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

“rest stop” is a raw and sentimental track that will have you reaching for the tissues. The lush vocals radiate intense emotion and the smooth instrumentation that coincides is simply stunning. The inspiration which led Mae to write such a magnificent piece of music is actually rather unique. After their car broke down near a rest stop, they felt lost in life. To channel that emotion, they decided to. write their thoughts down in lyric form, and thus “rest stop” was created.

When talking about the track, Mae Krell explains;

I was sad and still processing a really painful friend breakup and just overall not in a great place. In writing ‘rest stop,’ I was learning that sometimes getting healthier and becoming more independent can end in a loss of a relationship. And, as this specific friendship ended, I started to realize that maybe it wasn’t as good for me as I thought it was.”

The single was accompanied by a beautiful music video where Mae collaborated with visual artist Caro Hallock. Together, they took a road trip to visit the exact rest stop where the single was created. The music video is now available to watch via YouTube below;

The singer took a two year hiatus before returning last year to embark on a new chapter of their music journey. They have discovered a newfound maturity and understanding on the world, and they are using these life lessons to perfect on their folk-pop sound and deep lyricism. Collective, their previous singles have amassed millions of streams, and the more they continue to create masterpieces such as “rest stop,’ then that number will only continue to grow.

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