Faux Pas Drop Brand-New Single ‘This Will Kill You’

CREDIT: Sarah Oglesby

Four-piece band, Faux Pas, have recently released their smashing new single titled “This Will Kill You.” The track is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms!

If you’re a fan of sick guitar riffs, memorable lyrics, and head banging beats, then “This Will Kill You” is definitely the song for you. It’s a song where you can hear the raw emotion within the vocals, but it’s also upbeat enough to appreciate, even on your down days. It creates an interesting contrast, but it is highly addictive nonetheless. It is bound to make an impression on you. It’s one of those songs that gets your brain thinking, and will stick with you way after your very first listen. The track is the leading single from their upcoming EP “I Feel Pretty, So Should You” – which is due to be released on the 8th October 2021.

Faux Pas describe the song as;

“a noisy flurry of guitars, [that] sets the scene for a thematic exploration into shared vulnerability as a tool against suicide”

Quite the statement to make, but also works as a rallying cry for the band themselves. It’s different and doubtful that you have heard anything like it before. For that reason alone, it’s worth giving it a listen.

With live music back in our lives, every music act out there has been itching to get back on stage again. Faux Pas are not an exception to that rule. Having performed at Reading Festival, Leeds Festival, Kendal Calling, Humber Street Sesh, and Live At Leeds, the band are likely to be filled with enthusiasm when they think about performing “This Will Kill You,” and other new material live for the first time. It’s easy to picture the energy from a crowd when you hear this song. They’re a band that you need to keep yor eye on.

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