Jo O’Meara To Re-Record S Club Classics

Jo O’Meara has uncovered her plans to re-release some of S Clubs’ most popular hits in a an acoustic setting, after success of her solo work.

With her distinctive and passionate vocals, Jo has been working hard on new music for her fans. With an existing fan base from the S Club fans as well as new listeners, things have really taken off for her as she continues to smash the music industry.

2021 has found success for Jo as she leads us to her album release, due to come later this month. She released ‘On The Surface‘ to excite fans into new material. The track describes the front of looking happy and confident, while secretly battling issues.

The inspiration for the re-recordings have followed the success of her unplugged version of ‘Don’t Stop Movin’. For its’ 20th anniversary, she covered the song in a brand new way that listeners could never have imagined. with a pop club classic spinning into an almost haunting vibe, listeners were thrilled to hear the track in a new format.

She has also recently put out ‘Sweet Surrender’, which is another upbeat track that includes powerful vocals from Jo. She has worked closely with Metrophonic music throughout the whole production of new releases, and has built an incredible rapport with the company.

Fans are excited for the future, with the hope for classics to be re-released such as ‘Reach’ and ‘Bring It All Back’, as well as more obscure album tracks such as ‘It’s Alright’ and ‘Viva La Fiesta’. Supporters have given great suggestions on multiple Twitter threads and Instagram.

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