Jo O’Meara Releases New Track ‘On The Surface’

Jo O’Meara has released stunning new track ‘On The Surface’. The song is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Known for her powerful vocals in pop band ‘S Club 7’, Jo O’Meara rose to fame with her bandmates in the early 2000’s with classics such as ‘Reach’, ‘Never Had a Dream Come True’, and ‘Bring It All Back’. After teasing her followers since lockdown, the time has finally come for Jo to release new music, and we’re hear for it. Jo released an unplugged cover of S Club’s hit ‘Don’t Stop Movin‘ earlier this year for its’ 20 year anniversary.

With posts on social media teasing new material, it’s been clear for a while how passionate Jo is bout her music, and the overall production. ‘On The Surface’ has made the wait worth while. The ballad is about acknowledging how hiding your emotions can impact your mental health. The face you put on when going through a break up, to look like you are handling everything well.

Most importantly, having the strength to know this is something that happens so often will give you the personal strength to move on and face things head on. The track is a pure, motivating and by all means perfect track for Jo to release.

Accompanying the single is a lyric video that engulfs the passionate lyrics so well. Jo has also teased an official music video, so watch this space!

Fans around the world are also thrilled with the announcement of her new album, ‘With Love’. If ‘On The Surface’ is anything to go by, you are sure in for a treat with the rest of the album. This truly is a well deserved and successful return to music for Jo, and the music world welcomes her with open arms.

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