Jo O’Meara Releases Unplugged Version of ‘Don’t Stop Movin’

Jo O’Meara has released a brand new unplugged version of ‘Don’t Stop Movin’. The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

The classic banger from S Club 7 turns 20 years old today. As a celebration, Jo O’Meara has released a stripped back cover, where the vocals and the new backing track go hand in hand.

The song begins with an acoustic vibe, with a solo guitar working its’ magic to introduce the tune. Jo’s vocals creep in elegantly, with that nostalgic voice we’ve grown up with. She has really put her own spin on things, with the popular upbeat track now portrayed in an almost haunting and passionate sound. Listeners are thrilled to hear the brand new edition in a completely new and innovative way. A chilled out video was also released alongside the track – which can now be viewed via YouTube below;

Many of our readers will know Jo O’Meara from the popular late 90’s / early 2000’s pop band S Club 7. ‘Don’t Stop Movin’ was the fourth number one for the band in 2001, and is still a much loved tune amongst fans and listeners. Jo has been working throughout lockdown to write, record and produce new material since moving away from S Club 3, with bandmates Brad McIntosh and Tina Barrett.

She has kept fans in the loop by posting snippets of new tracks on her socials, as well as polls for fans to vote for certain songs. She has teased that the album will be released fairly soon, which fans are incredibly happy about and can’t wait to hear what else she has in store for us. Jo O’Meara really is one to watch even decades after the success of S Club 7.

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