Dakota Jones Release New Single ‘Lord Please’

New York City based four-piece Dakota Jones, have released their new single ‘Lord Please’. You can listen to it on Spotify!

In this day and age, it’s become apparent that the artists in the music industry who make the most noise get the most attention. However, Dakota Jones pride themselves on making a lasting impression.

With incredibly raw and genuine song writing and emotion, it’s clear they take pride in their music and enjoy making music for their listeners.

‘Lord Please’ is a genuine cry for help when your life feels empty and pointless, a feeling that unfortunately many have experienced. The almost chanting from Tristan described the emotional cry for help perfectly. Dakota Jones consider the track a prayer for guidance, and you’ll certainly hear this desperate plea throughout the track.

When discussing her song writing, Tristan Carter-Jones said:

“I’m a black, queer woman expressing myself through love and music. Some folks still find that to be a transgressive act in and of itself. I work to fight that idea. I write a lot about my sexuality and the ways in which I express it. Songs about sex and love bounce back and forth between songs about heartache, hangovers and self-medication, and the pleasure and pain of truly finding yourself. I don’t think we get to hear these things from a woman’s mouth as often as we should.”

The new track is taken from Dakota Jones’ up coming debut album ‘Black Light’. The album is due to be released on 27th August. Fans are thrilled to discover a more vulnerable side of the band and particularly Tristans’ thought in love and light.

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