Prinze George Releases ‘Centuries’ Ahead of New EP

Rising alt-pop band Prinze George have recently dropped their latest single “Centuries.” The track is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Centuries” is a fantastic dreamy pop song that will have you enticed instantly. The lyrics combined with the enchanting vocals is filled with such vivid emotion, making the track impossible to stop listening to. It tells a tale of inevitable loss. That one day, we will lose the person closest to us. The band explains in their lyrics that although love can be a wonderful feeling, it also brings on other emotions such as confusion and vulnerabilities that we may not have experienced before.

When talking about the track, Prinze George says;

Our society often romanticizes romance, but we rarely examine the presence of a loss in love, particularly the loss of self that almost always occurs when you’ve been together as long as we have. When you love someone, you observe your reality shifting in positive and negative ways, but you accept it, because it’s impossible to leave someone who makes your life fuller and sweeter, especially when it becomes a habit, even if it makes you weaker as an individual in certain ways.”

The American alt-pop band consists of Kenny Grimm (producer) and Naomi Almquist (vocalist), and the two joined forces back in 2013. Isabelle De Leon (Drummer) then joined soon after. “Centuries” was released in preparation of their new EP “Happy Garden” – which is due to be dropped on the 26th of March. The single gives us a glimpes into what the other tracks may sound like. If “Centuries” is anything to go by, then “Happy Garden” is an EP you need to look out for.

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