The Super Moons Release New Single ‘You’re Not Alone’

The Super Moons have recently released their brand-new song ‘You’re Not Alone’. The track is now avaiable to stream on Spotify!

From Edinburgh, Scotland, The Super Moons have released their new hit to offer their thoughts and feelings towards Covid. Following the theme of isolation, The Super Moons have put into their own words the current climate and how this had affected homelessness.

With legendary inspirations such as Paul Weller, Northern Soul and Doctor Feelgood, the band bring a mature sound to the Scottish indie scene. Following the success of previous singles and their first EP ‘One Small Step’ released in 2018, The Super Moons hope to release a new album later on this year.

The song itself will fill you with an eerie dread from the beginning. The timing of instruments combined with the thrilling vocals will have you hooked from the moment you press play. The mature sound will have listeners of all ages wanting to experience the song to its’ full potential! The lyrics will have you wanting to do more for others, and appreciate how lucky you are. It really puts into perspective how some homeless folk would only like a conversation or well wishes, now more than ever.

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