The Ones You Forgot Release Single ‘Desensitized’

Photo: @jame_sperry

The Ones You Forgot have released their brand new single ‘Desensitized’. You can listen to it here. With the new track comes a brand new music video which you can now watch below:

After their success of single ‘Something For Me’ released in 2020, the latest track is a follow up showing the ever-growing talent of the band. ‘Desensitized’ shows the band happy in their career and proud of how far they have come. The song celebrates a period of growth for The Ones You Forgot, with a new era of belief and encouragement, but with their signature sound still heard.

From New Jersey, The Ones You Forgot have previously opened national tours for the likes of Sleeping With Sirens, Four Years Strong, Greyscale and many more.

With inspirations such as State Champs and We Are The In Crowd, the band have absolutely succeeded in creating their own unique sound.

When they’re not creating incredible music, the band are heavily involved with Twitch streaming. Often interacting with fans via the platform, The Ones You Forgot embrace their love for the site.

When discussing the new single ‘Desensitized’, lead singer Jenna Bruno said:

“Songwriting is very cathartic. It’s a great release of emotions, especially for the ones that we often bottle up. When I wrote ‘Desensitized’ I found myself in that place of pretending to be okay when I knew for a fact that I wasn’t. Writing this song took a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to accept how I was feeling and address the state of my mental health.”

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