Cultures Release New Single ‘Ghost’

Cultures have recently released their new single ‘Ghost’. The track is now available to stream on Spotify so be sure to go check it out!

Consisting of Josh Spivey, Tom Deegan and James Saunders, Cultures is a combination of alt-rock and indie pop. From Great Manchester, the band have been creating music for four years and have gained an incredible fan base within this time.

‘Ghost’ has a broody vibe and combines all of the well known sounds we have grown to love from Cultures. The song is about the realisation that although you may not always feel it, you can be surprised by your own independence and freedom.

The guitar and vocals prove a strong start to the song, complimenting each other perfectly. By the time the drums kick in, you will already be hooked. ‘Ghost’ is truly a breath of fresh air in the alt-rock / indie pop scene. The clever metaphorical lyrics, mixed with the euphoric backing track will have you wanting more.

When discussing the single, Josh Spivey said:

“For us in the band, the song has come to represent a huge number of different feelings and concepts as it’s developed. The lyrics “you never needed someone to take you home” reer to coming to realise that you are more capable of being independent than you knew and in “she never saw you as skin and bones” I try to tackle the idea of how peoples’ perceptions of each other can be completely different from our own ideas of ourselves. I think we have a habit of assuming that people think the worst of us when people are actually really good when given the chance.”

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