THYLA Share Music Video for Their Single ‘Breathe’

Photo Credit - Phoebe Fox

THYLA have blessed us all by dropping their brand-new music video for their single “Breathe.” The video is now available to watch via Youtube below;

THYLA have decided to put 2020 in the past and focus on what lies ahead of them in the future. They are already off to a fantastic start with their new music video. “Breathe” is a dreamy and atmospheric track that will transport you into an entranced state of mind. It works as a form of escapism. When you don’t want to have to deal with reality, allow THYLA to relax you with soothing vocals, and melancholy sounds.

When talking about the single, lead singer Millie Duthie explains;

“Breathe was written in the early hours of the morning. Eventually we chanced upon this really vibey atmospheric lick that you hear in the intro, and the whole song grew from there. The song blossomed into a slightly melancholic dream-pop bop, it’s bittersweet and has a slightly inconclusive feeling to it; imagine a film where the main character never actually gets the happy ending you’ve been so long yearning for. The result of how the instrumental sounded no doubt manifested lyrics that held the same sentiment. The song is about loneliness, estrangement from family and close friends, yet despite this, feeling a sense of inner strength about the situation. It’s like recovering from a breakup and realising you’ve come out stronger, but a reflection of the scar tissue that resulted from the trauma.”

The group have had their ups and downs in their day-today life. Like every young creative in this world, each member has had to deal with juggling day jobs they don’t like, life of society causing them to experience anxiety. Some members have sadly had to deal with the the turmoil of family illness. They’re are determined to make this year a better one.

They are now ready to unleash their debut album for us to appreciate. This album is due to be released later this year, and if any of the tracks are like “Breathe,” then you may have just found your next new album without even having to hear the rest.

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