INTERVIEW – Tulliah Talks About New Music, Collaborations and More!

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The 19 year old singer-songwriter Tulliah is unquestionably a bright voice for young people everywhere. She uses her gifted talents to discuss topics that revolve around what it’s like to be a teenager. This can range from mental health, to relationships, to anything in-between.

At the end of last year Tulliah released her most recent single “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely). The track is all about falling for someone who isn’t right for. The story is told through stunning vocals that will have you hypnotised. “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)” is now avaiable to stream on all major streaming platforms. A lyric can also be found below;

Tulliah has a bright future ahead of her and we wanted to know more about her work. Here is what she had to say when we had a chat about future plans, dream collaborations, her new EP, and more!

Hey Tulliah! Thank you so much for taking time to answer our questions. How are you? 

No worries at all! I’m doing good thank you 🙂 

Your most recent single “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)” is absolutely stunning! Can you start us off by telling us a bit about it? 

Thank you so much! I wrote “Just My Type (A Little Bit Lonely)” about 2 years ago now, it started off as a piano ballad and has been through heaps of variations. I wrote it about falling for someone you know isn’t good for you. It’s so cool to stand back now and see how it’s all come together. 

You worked with producer Dean Tuza for the single. How did that come about? What was it like working with him? 

Dean is a dream to work with. He is just an all round genuine guy who really cares about the music and is a crazy talented individual, to which he doesn’t give himself enough credit for. I met Dean for the first time late 2019 after he heard my demos that got passed onto him. At the time I didn’t know how to use any recording equipment so they were just voice memos. I had searched Dean up beforehand and really really loved his previous work with artists like Stella Donnelly and Mossy! Lucky enough Dean liked my songs that were sent through and got in contact with my manager Damien Platt. When I met him I could straight away tell he was really passionate about music and genuinely cared for the artist. I recorded my debut EP with Dean (which will be coming out on March 12th :)) and the whole experience was honestly one of the highlights of my life. He was constantly teaching me new things about producing, the industry and life in general. 

I fell in love with seeing the songs go through their different forms before it reaches the final product and working them in together to make one piece of art. Couldn’t have asked for a better person to work with on my debut EP. 

There are a lot of themes that are discussed within your music. One of the main themes being what it’s like to be a teenager. What would you say is the main message you want a young listener (or perhaps someone who is older) to take away after listening to one of your songs? 

That is definitely a main theme across this song and the whole EP. I guess because I am a teenager and I’m experiencing a lot of new things in life it’s just something I subconsciously draw a lot of inspiration from. The main message for me would probably be to not let someone bring you down. In a sense of being emotionally drained by someone else’s problems, especially when they wouldn’t do the same for you. 

We want to know if you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

I would loveee to collaborate with Thom Yorke, Kevin Parker, Paul Mcartney, and Beach House. Even just to sit in a room with them while they are creating would be amazing. I feel I’d learn a shit tonne. I’d also love to work with Rick Rubin. I listen to all his podcasts on “Broken Records” and he seems like a legend. 

What would you say is your biggest goal as a musician? Can you share some of your biggest dreams you would like to achieve? 

My biggest goal as a musician would be to tour sold out shows World Wide. Just to have people want to come to your show and it’s a whole room of people that have connected to your songs somehow. That would be so crazy. 

Now we are in another lockdown, some people have been finding it hard to keep motivated. Can you share your top 3 tips on how you get out of a creative slump? 

Arhhh I feel so bad for you guys :(( In Victoria, we have recently come out of quarantine. I actually found it really hard to be creative in the first quarantine too. I guess because I get a lot of my inspiration from people around me and the world outside, it made it hard. I thought I was gonna come out with a whole album of good tunes but there was literally nothing haha. By the second round of Isolation though, I found that one of the main things that helped was to not think about being creative. It sounds weird but I feel like the best things happen when you’re least expecting it. I just went for lots of walks, ate good foods, reached out to friends and kept my mind busy doing other creative things other than writing music. For me, I tend to be more creative when my mind is content. So try your best during quarantine to do things that make you happy. 

We want to know who you are currently listening to. Can you recommend to our readers your top 5 most played songs currently on your playlist? 

My favourite songs that I have been playing on repeat at the moment are “Breathe (In the Air)” by Pink Floyd, “The Wind” by Babe Rainbow, “Faking Jazz Together” by Connan Mockasin, “Cautionary Tale” by Dylan LeBlanc and “Why Won’t They Talk To Me” by Tame Impala. Highly recommend listening to these! 

Finally, now the new year has officially started, can you tell us of any future plans you have for 2021? 

I am excited for this year! I’ve got my first headline show at The Corner Hotel in Melbourne on the 31st Jan, I’m releasing my debut EP called “Fre$h Hugs” on the 12th March and doing a regional tour around Australia if Covid doesn’t decide to ruin it. I’m also hoping to be back in the studio very soon :)) Other than music stuff, I’m gonna be hanging with friends and family and just making the most of life out of Isolation.

2021 is bound to be a big year for the future star! To show your support, and to be updated on future releases, be sure to follow Tulliah on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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