Nada Robot Releases New Single ‘Free Love’

Indie-pop group Nada Robot have recently released their incredible new single “Free Love” – now available to stream on Spotify now!

Nada Robot was founded by the husband and wife team Addam & Mia Farmer. They were later followed by brothers Heath & Austin Farmer to complete the group. From a very early age, the brothers bonded over their love for music and grew up backstage at Beach Boy concerts. They were previously in another indie-rock group named “Island Apollo” reached received huge success. Now, they are on their next adventure with Nada Robot.

“Free Love” tells us that the most powerful currency in the world is love. The idea is to help motivate listeners to do things they might not do – even if it is at their own expense. They do this with their notorious feel-good sound and you are sure to feel this motivation at once. When speaking about the single, Addam says;

“People will go dirt broke for a shot at love. In the chorus, we say “they call it free love,” with emphasis on “they” because it’s unclear on whether or not “we” should call it that. Is love really free? This song serves as an existential thought experiment disguised as an indie-pop song.”

Their vibe is always fun and empowering in all the songs that they bring. Their debut single “Got It Good” introduces you to this unique way of making you feel good through the power of music. No matter how fun the song may be, there is always a moral behind every story. “Got It Good” focusses on not compromising what you want and what you deserve in a romantic relationship – a lesson that some of us might need to be reminded of every once in a while!

Nada Robot are definitely a group worth keeping your eye on in the future. You can now follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more updates!

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