The Clockworks Drop ‘Enough is Never Enough’

Punk-rock band The Clockworks have recently dropped their most recent single “Enough is Never Enough.” The track is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms, and the music video can be found below;

“Enough is Never Enough” tells an interesting tale about different, individual lives in society – and how their stories interlink. We see an uncompromising cafe owner and poorly treated kitchen porters. To buskers who dream big and beggars on the street. Whilst every persons life is different, they all fit together in some way.

When talking about the single, member of The Clockwork James says;

“This was the last song we wrote in Ireland. I’d been working on the lyrics for ages. I like to write about the social or emotional by writing about a specific character or scene. I think focusing on the particular and the specific is the best way to get to the general and abstract… Musically, this song was all about getting the feeling right. We wanted it to be forceful and relentless but also for there to be enough space for melody and emotion.”

Like many other songs that have been released this year, The Clockwork were forced to record this track in lockdown at Unity/Aquarium Studios, Willesden. It was produced and mixed by Michael Rendall – with further help from Nick Watson. The team that worked on it did an insane job with capturing the story being told.

“Enough is Never Enough” has such a unique concept and the story telling within the lyrics is truly incredible. Pair that with the spectacular guitar riffs, and the ponding bass that you can physically feel in you chest that will give you goosebumps, we can only imagine what the song will sound like live in front of an audience.

The band have received much praise from the likes of BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac on her “New Names” with their other singles “Can I Speak To A Manager?” and “The Future Is Not What It Was.” They even impressed the iconic Rodney Bingenheimer on Sirius XM. We have no doubt that “Enough is Never Enough” will receive an equal amount attention.

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