REVIEW – Magazine Beach Release EP ‘Friendless Summer’

Today (30th of October), sees the release of Magazine Beach incredible new EP titled “Friendless Summer.” It is now available to stream on Spotify so be sure to check it out!

“Bonejaw” is the first track we hear. Short and sweet but highly impactful. It sort of works as a chant. We can imagine a crowd of people at a gig, shouting these lyrics right back at the band. Good energy and vibe to start an EP off.

Next is “I Don’t Mind.” This is where we truly see Magazine Beach members talents compliment one another. Pop punk music is truly an underrated genre, and this track takes us back to the days where that’s all anyone listened to. We all had those teenage years where you listened to nothing but punk pop bands, who says you need to grow out of that phase? “I Don’t Mind” is catchy, cleverly written and produced, and just an absolute anthem.

Now we move onto “How Many Bees? (3 Pounds).” It’s got to be said, the title to the song is intriguing. The track gives us All American Rejects vibes. The guitar riffs will make you dust off you air guitar and perform to a non-existing crowd in your bedroom. It’s a great song to just jam to on your own, or with friends.

“Twilight Baseball Scene” is up next. When you have an EP that is just banger after banger, it’s hard to do each individual song justice. “Friendless Summer” just keeps getting better and better, and “Twilight Baseball Scene” is just another belter. What’s great about this track, and the others, is that you feel like you know the lyrics already. They’ve given you such a strong first impression after the first listen that when you listen to it again, you already have a connection with them.

Finally, we have the track that inspired the title of the EP “Friendless Summer.” Quite the relatable title considering most of spent the whole summer of 2020 without seeing any of our friends! “Friendless Summer” sums the EP perfectly. All five tracks that you hear compliment each other so well. The musicianship and the talents from each, individual member of Magazine Beach shine through every note that’s been played.

Like we said earlier, it’s hard to write about an amazing EP and do each song justice. “Friendless Summer” is one you’re going to have to listen to and just witness how incredible it is. It’s a decision you won’t regret. We also reviewed their last EP “Sick Day” that you can check out here.

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