REVIEW: Magazine Beach Release Banging EP ‘Sick Day’

If you’re looking for a new surf pop-punk band to listen to, then look no further! All the way from Washington DC., Magazine Beach could be your next obsession!

The EP starts with a strong opening, with a track named ‘Trainwreck’. The tune sets the scene for the whole EP and we think this makes the perfect start. You’ll be nodding along right from the beginning! We’re getting an old school One Tree Hill, Nada Surf vibe. We’re living for it.

The second song is called ‘Big Tobacco’. While questioning ‘isn’t that what love is made of?’, it makes you realise happiness means something completely different to everyone. This track also offers a proper, old school pop-punk sound. Reminds us of those playground days in school where we all thought we were so cool for blasting out Green Day…which we were.

Thirdly, we have ‘Flakey Dude’. We all have that one friend who is constantly agreeing to plans and then makes a lame excuse or fails to show. This song is about that guy. Don’t be that guy!

Finally, we have ‘Living Room’. Again, a really fun vibe. This song is all about spending a special night with someone, and the journey home after.

We’re intrigued to see what Magazine Beach is like at live shows. We can only imagine it will be filled with headbanging, moshpits, and an all-round good night out. If you’re a fan of bands such as Bowling For Soup, All American Rejects and Green Day, then this is the band for you! We can’t wait to see what else they have in store.

What do you reckon? Listen here! And be sure to follow Magazine Beach on Instagram to show further support.

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