Davidly Releases Music Video for ‘By Your Side (on facetime)

Davidly has recently dropped single ‘By Your Side (on facetime)’. You can listen to it now on Spotify, and the official music video can also be seen below:

Based in Vancouver, Washington, Davidly has been playing the drums, the guitar and writing his own material since a young age. After listening to ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ by Pink Floyd, Davidly was set on having a career in music, and devoting everything he had to make this dream come true.

Through dedication and hard work, Davidly creates genuine and powerful material that connects with all fans and listeners alike. The overall goal for Davidly is to inspire others and have fun, always reminding his fans that ‘everyone can be a superhero’.

‘By Your Side (on facetime)’ is all about reminding a loved one that you are for them, even electronically. The lyrics are a great reminder that although you may not be able to see someone and physically be in somebody’s company, you can reach out in several ways. Phone, Facetime, a quick message to check in. At this crucial time with the thought of past and future lockdowns, it’s nice to have a reminder that we are lucky enough to still have ways to comfort one another.

The different speeds and tempos of ‘By Your Side (on facetime) makes for a really interesting listen. Davidly definitely has his own unique sound, and will have you reaching for the repeat button. The melody and harmonies throughout the track help to really understand the powerful message that Davidly has so perfectly portrayed.

What did you think of’ By Your Side ‘on facetime)? How have you been connecting with loved ones during this difficult time? Let us know over on our Twitter @AboutThe_Noise