Kat Saul Drops New Single ‘Alright’

Kat Saul has released new single ‘Alright’ with new EP announcement, too. You can listen to the track on Spotify now!

The 22 year old currently based in Los Angeles, is back with new single ‘Alright’ after the success of previous tune ‘Monsters’. Kat has been creative and musically crafted since her teen years, playing guitar in her high school band while also balancing cheerleading. She has a very unique sound that is a perfect blend of icons such as Katy Perry, Pale Waves and Paramore, all wrapped into one. We’re here for it. You’ll have difficulty finding any other artist with the same vibe, you honestly have heard nothing like this before. Kat is one of those artists you can’t imagine not having on your playlist after one listen.

‘Alright’ is all about giving yourself entirely to a significant other. Knowing you could be stronger but having that feeling disapear at one glance of them. We’ve all had that frustrating notion, knowing someone isn’t the best person to have around, but not feeling strong enough to call it quits. The raw emotion will give you a heart fit to burst as well as scream the lyrics from the top of your lungs. Kat has described this feeling perfectly, capturing the lovestruck, gut in the stomach emotion while also admitting to yourself it doesn’t sit right.

The new EP ‘made in the 90s’ will feature both singles, ‘Alright’ and ‘Monster’. Releasing later this year, we can’t wait to hear what else Kat Saul has lined up for you! You can head over to her Spotify to listen to her previous EP released 2019, ‘‚Ķfrom Unit 408’.

For more updates and reminders of the EP release, you can stay informed on Kat Saul’s Twitter and Instagram.

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