REVIEW – Jack Louis Cooper Releases EP, ‘A Slow But Sure Corner’

Today (9th of October) sees the release of the EP “A Slow But Sure Corner” by Bristol-based artist Jack Louis Cooper. The 6-track EP is now avaiable to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“A Slow But Sure Corner” starts off strong with “Bite Too Big.” It’s a track that flows perfectly from beginning to end. If performed live, you can only imagine that beat pounding in your chest. It’s an easy-going listen to that will want you listening to more – so it’s lucky that Jack has released a full body of work you can listen to. Five more songs are ahead of you after this and it only gets better!

We move on to “For The Taking.” It takes a rather slower turn from the last track we’ve just heard but in the best way. The blend in Jack’s vocals and the smooth instrumentals are absolutely flawless. This song was the single released prior to the EP that introduced these collection of songs. It also takes the perfect transition to the next track “Stella.”

“Stella” is a song that’s easy to learn the lyrics to because it’s like you already know. You know when a song you’re listening to is so good and catchy it’s like you’ve known it forever? It’s a feeling we all get but not sure how to put it into words. This is the vibe with “Stella.”

“Sound And Fury” and “Things I Could Do Instead” are up next! What’s great about this EP is that each song have their own, individual sound, but are similar enough to listen to track one to track six without pause and be completely satisfied. These next two tracks are the perfect example of this. By this point, you’re so entranced with you’re listening experience, you don’t know when the next song begins, and the other starts. Believe us, this is a good thing. It means that you’re so involved you don’t want to stop listening.

“A Slow But Sure Corner” is an EP you don’t want to miss. To show further support to Jack Louis Cooper, for his Facebook and Instagram for more updates!

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