Gillian Heidi Drops Beautiful Ballad ‘Fray’

Gillian Heidi returns with another beautiful track ‘Fray’. You can listen to it now on Spotify. The single follows the release of the wonderful ‘Desperate,’ so be sure to check them both out.

‘Fray’ is all about an existing relationship falling apart, bit by bit. The gut feeling that makes your heart drop more and more each day, as slowly but surely the passion leaves. No fights, no arguments, but an underlying feeling that things are starting to slip. The subtle understanding of the situation displays perfectly with Gillians’ vulnerable sound. There is a real sense of desperation throughout the lyrics and the vocals, a completely raw sensation that will make you feel thousands of emotions at once.

At 16 years old, Gillian has put her own stamp on every song we’ve heard. From a young age and a musical background, she was able to begin teaching herself at only 12, hoping to discover her own sound with inspiration from Taylor Swift and Ella Mai. She’s managed to do exactly that, and released her first EP back in 2019. With the lead single ‘What It Felt Like’ reaching 200k streams on Spotify. What a way to kick off a career!

Once you’ve had a listen, it’s hard to imagine anyone else’s vocals on this track. Gillians’ stunning voice is showcased throughout ‘Fray’, with quieter moments to show raw emotion, as well as the parts that really need belting out.

When discussing the new track, Gillian said:

I really tried to convey the feeling of when something is just beginning to fall apart, but it hasn’t gone down in flames yet. The song is emotional and raw, but not angry.”

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