Wings Of Desire Release Debut Single ‘001’

London duo Wings Of Desire have recently released their debut single “001.” You can now stream the track on Spotify and watch the music video below;

“001” has one of the most interesting concepts to a song that you will ever hear. It’s part of a three-part series that explores a broken modern world. Wings Of Desire will be releasing three songs for this project and “001” is the beginning of the story.

Here we see the pair questioning their surroundings and asking all the deep questions. The main question being Why? The track may put you into an existential crisis, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask yourself the same question.

When speaking of the single, the band says;

Is it our burning desires which will lead us and our planet to our ultimate destruction? Or will strength, love and unity lead us to a new beginning? A grand reset… our year zero.”

We’re incredible excited to see where Wings Of Desire take this project. It’s so creative, that it will leave you wanting more. To find out when the next piece of the puzzle will be released, be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more information and updates.

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