Waxflower Release Stunning Single ‘Getting Better’

Waxflower have recently dropped their most recent single “Getting Better” – which is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Getting Better” is a stripped back song that will get your emotions rolling. You will hear beautiful acoustics throughout the track alongside the raw vocals and lyrics sung by leading man Tristan Higgins. The song explores Tristan’s emotional and physical turmoil he went through during a particularly difficult time in his life.

The music video that was released the same day shows Tristan alone in hotel room reflecting on his thoughts. When talking about “Getting Better”, Tristan says;

Getting Better was me tying a bow on a dark period of my life. A particularly long and intense panic attack had landed me in the hospital. Every attack at the time felt like a failure, as if it were erasing any hard-earned progress on a long journey to betterment. I noted the impact of that night on the people around me – we all felt defeated. I felt ashamed. The song catalogues that period and its aftermath, the breakdown of a relationship. It helped me to explore the roots of my feelings at the time and work towards accepting the outcome was for the best of everyone involved.” 

Waxflower are very new on the music scene after only forming last January – but they’re already showing a tonne of potential. After performing their debut shows around Australia, they went on to support Simple Plan and The Maine – both insane bands with huge fanbases! Members Tristan Higginson, Daniel Seymour, Nick Hargens and Jordan Beard have set their goals high. They dream of playing some of the UK’s biggest venues in the future such as the O2 Arena and Wembley Stadium. Here’s hoping that they get there!

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