OOBERFUSE Take on Yazoo Classic ‘Only You’

Ooberfuse have recently released their version the 1982 Yazoo hit “Only You.” You can now stream this stunning version on Spotify now!

“Only You” is a track that’s been taken off the duo’s upcoming EP “Tears Can Only Sting” – which you can expect to hear this Autumn. The classic 80s synth-track has always been a firm favourite of Ooberfuse. It seemed to be an easy choice to make when deciding which song to cover for the EP.

Ooberfuse consists of Hal St John and Cherrie Anderson. Their vocals harmonising with each others will put you in a trance-like state. They blend together so perfectly that it’s almost heavenly. Pair this with the soothing piano that can be heard throughout the song, you’ll want to do nothing but sit there and just…listen.

When speaking of the track, Hal St John says;

“What inspired us to record ‘ONLY YOU’ was a number of things…

1. “Only You” is a melodic electronic track that nevertheless carries warmth of genuine emotions. That’s a good description of our own material combining modern music technologies with genuine heartfelt emotions.

2. “Only You” also allows us to demonstrate the close vocal harmonies that feature on our own tracks.

3. One final reason is that I believe Vince Clarke was inspired by Mozart when he wrote this track. The last DNA test I did showed I have Austrian/German/Swedish ancestry so I have a genetic affinity with “Only You”.”

“Tears Can Only Sting” also features the atmospheric track “Father” which was released on Father’s Day earlier this year. The song is dedicated to Hal’s father who sadly passed away. Ooberfuse have a way of bringing out true emotions within their songs, making them honest and raw – something that is rather admirable.

The track listing for the EP can be found below – we don’t want you to miss out! Be sure to follow Ooberfuse on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more details.


1. Fly High

2. Set Me Free

3. Heartlight

4. Call My Name

5. Father

6. Only You

What did you think of “Only You”? Are you excited for the EP? Let us know your thoughts over on our Twitter! – @AboutThe_Noise