Darla Jade Releases New Track ‘Two of You’

Artwork - Dom Sabine

Last month saw Darla Jade release her brand-new single “Two of You.” It is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms!

“Two of You” was written last year by Darla – with the help from Craig Sellar and Mark Smith. There’s something about this track that you just want to listen to over and over again, just in case you missed something the first ten times you heard it!

The layout of the single flows so flawlessly, you will be instantly hooked. In the verses, you can feel the bass bouncing in your chest. When the chorus kicks in, you’ll want to sing it from the top of your lungs.

Her vocals are simply flawless. Darla’s unique tones in her voice will have you hooked from the moment you press play. The single was released a few weeks back however, the singer has just dropped her insane music video that goes with it which you can watch below;

The video sees Darla doing what she does best. You can witness just how much of an incredible performer she is. No unnecessary gimmicks, just Darla, her voice, weird camera angles which adds to the feel of the song. Whilst the video has quite a simple concept, it doesn’t take away from the track.

“Two of You” is song you just have to get behind. Darla Jade is such a talented artist and deserves all the recognition. Be sure to follow her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates on future releases. Her name is certainly one to keep your eye on.

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