Ian Holmes Releases New Lockdown Tune, ‘Seen For Who You Are’

All the way from Durban, South Africa, Ian Holmes travelled to London around a year ago. Journeying through a short span of EDM, Ian has come back to what we have learned to know and love – an upbeat electric pop sound that we can’t stop listening to. Clever lyrics. A beat to get you wanting more. Early 2020 has seen Ian Holmes venture into several live performances around London and surrounding areas.

The latest release from Ian Holmes is named ‘Seen For Who You Are’. With fabulous production, general build-up from the beginning, and different tempo throughout – What more could you ask for! The hard-hitting lyrics will really make you question how others may see you, and more importantly, how you view yourself.

When querying the inspiration around the new release, Ian advised:

“I wrote this song during quarantine. It’s about the feeling of going through life without ever being truly seen by anyone, or never reaching your potential.”

It’s great to see so many artists use lockdown as a creative outlet and remain focused. This powerful message is portrayed through sound perfectly. Too many of us can identify with the thought of trying our hardest to put ourselves out there but continuing to be underestimated or ignored. However, that being said, we certainly see the potential of this song. We see you, Ian.

You can listen to ‘Seen For Who You Are’ now on Spotify. Also, keep an eye on Ian’s socials for further updates and future releases; Website, Twitter, and Instagram. We can’t wait to see what else is in store for us!

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