Gabriela Bee Releases Single “LOOK AT YOU NOW

Gabriela Bee has recently dropped an incredible new single “Look At You Now” – which is now available to stream on Spotify!

“Look At You Now” is the kind of track that everyone will love despite your taste in music. It has the right flow, tempo, relatable lyrics, incredible vocals – everything you can wish for in a song. The way Gabriela tones down in the verses with just a simple guitar melody, before gradually building things up in the chorus creates such a satisfying listening experience. It’s a difficult task to have a listening instantly hooked, and be able to keep them there until the very end of the song, but Gabriela Bee makes it look easy.

On the track, she explains;

“LOOK AT YOU NOW is a love song dedicated to my younger self. In the lyrics, I am speaking to her as if little Gabi is standing right infront of me. It’s a song about reassurance and protection over my younger self, reminding her that everything happens for a reason. The tone and dynamics of my lyrics and vocals are very gentle, as I would be talking to a child. Sometimes, growing up, the bad times feel like they’ll last forever, and that it’s hard to find the Sun on days where the darkness clouds everything.”

The singer is best known for her massive social media presence. On Instagram, she has surpassed 1 million follows, and a whopping 10 million followers on TikTok! She has been posting cover videos online as early as the age of 12. This has later led her to working with grammy award winning producers and composers. Whilst she is now only 17, she continues to create and write music with so much maturity. “Look At Me Now” showcases this as you wouldn’t believe it was written by someone so young.

Gabriela Bee has so much more to offer the world of music. “Look At Me Now” is such an amazing single that deserves to be listened to and loved by all. To keep up to date with what the singer is up to, be sure to follow her on Instagram, TikTok and Twitter!

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