James Arthur Releases Emotional ‘Blindside’

James Arthur has released new, emotionally charged single ‘Blindslide’. You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms!

James is one of the world’s biggest streaming artists, reaching over 37 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. He also cracked the US in 2016 with ‘Say you Won’t Let Go’, which was officially the most streamed song in the UK. It hit a whopping 4 billion listens and 1.5 views on YouTube!

Now, James Arthur has gone back to his roots with an emotional hint mixed with gritty vocals in the new release of ‘Blindside’. With a voice you can recognise in a heartbeat, James has done a spendid job on the new track.

It’s vibe sets the scene from the beginning, with the glorious vocals from James and the well timed clash of backing track and instruments. You’ll be bobbing your head along by the first bridge – it’s incredibly catchy. The upbeat track is the perfect contradiction of the raw emotions that James displays.

When discussing the new single, James Arthur said:

“Blindside is a song I’ve wanted to write for years, about falling in love with the right person at the wrong time. It’s an energetic song with a sad lyric and it really suited this new rawer style I was after.”

The music video is just as fast paced, and really shows how quickly a short lived situation can be and the emotions it betrays. You’ll have your eyes fixated on the under lying themes of love, emotion, joy and sadness in one watch.

Tim Mattia who directed the video mentioned:

Blindside is such a raw and emotional track, and when James and I spoke about how it came to be written, and the meaning behind the lyrics, I immediately knew we had to capture some epic performances from him, carrying on with the Americana feel of our previous video for ‘A Year Ago.’ We tied in a series of dramatic and emotional narrative scenes, showing the sudden loss of love in relationships, and a scene in which James gets literally more and more bloodied and bruised as the song progresses – the physical embodiment of his emotional pain.”

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