Palace Watson Releases New Track ‘Buried’

Palace Watson has dropped his brand new single ‘Buried’. It’s available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Fairly fresh to the music scene, Palace has graced the industry with his clever lyrics and interesting content. Portraying his niche ideas in a beautiful way, his latest track digs into the almost taboo subject of a life beyond this one. Having the confidence to talk about the things that others steer away from, he’s on the right track to grow his following.

‘Buried’ will have you hooked from the beginning and offers nostalgic vibes throughout. It’s the kind of track that will give you the classic pit of the stomach feeling but in the most awesome way! The vocals from Palace are second to none and have raw emotion from start to finish.

When discussing the new single, Palace said:

“Buried is a song written from the perspective of the recently deceased, communicating to the bereaved in the immediate days following their death, with instructions for the burial, wisdom of what to expect when their time comes and the pros of life on the other side.”

‘Buried’ comes only a few weeks after his first release ‘Bedroom’. The two releases work perfectly together and both give dark humour mixed in with their own unique sound. Palace Watson is not afraid to talk about the tough subjects, and approaches them in a sensitive yet humorous way. It’s comforting.

Taking on many artistic traits, Palace is also incredibly talented when it comes to creating his own visuals. His artwork can tell a million stories with just one image and we look forward to seeing more songs and images from him.

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