INTERVIEW – Forest Claudette Chats About New EP ‘Everything Was Green’ 

Forest Claudette has recently shared their stunning new EP “Everything Was Green” – which can now be enjoyed by all on all major streaming platforms!

“Everything Was Green” sees six, incredible tracks that are simply to die for. The EP begins with “Mess Around” which features EARTHGANG. It’s a great opening track that sets the scene for the rest of the EP. Forest has a way of blending a variety of different genres within their music and “Mess Around” is a perfect example of that. It includes a wonderful blend of soul, hip-hop, and pop – which is a theme throughout the whole album. However, tracks such as “Violence” is a complete contrast. It’s a beautiful acoustic track that perfectly showcases Forest’s awesome vocals. It’s simple, elegant, and extremely addictive. The EP ends with “Pool Boy” – a weird yet wonderful song that ties the “Everything Was Green” together in a perfect bow.

We wanted to know more about Forest Claudette and their music. Here is what they had to say;

You just released your new EP “Everything Was Green”, what can you tell us about it?

This project follows a sort of rhythm and cycle of thoughts that I’ve had over the past few years. As everything in life is happening it feels like chaos and chance and whatever else you wanna add in. But when I get a chance to look up and look back, a certain order or through line starts to appear. For this reason the Ep track-listing doesn’t follow events in chronological order, rather they follow that path or story I started seeing after the storms had passed.

What is your favourite song from the EP, and why does it mean so much to you?

The song I’m most proud of is Violence. But my favourite song is Pool Boy. To me Pool Boy has the most fun while still touching on the parts of reality I think about regularly. It feels like a wonderful balance of who I am as a person. In the chorus I’m speaking to myself. Hmm I’m just realising this song was literally written for me from me, that must be why it’s my favourite.

Could you talk us through the process of creating the EP?

I didn’t exactly know I was making everything was green while I was writing it. At the time I was just doing my best to capture everything that I was experiencing. I was in LA for the first time on my own for about 4 1/2 months, and I really got to explore in a way that I hadn’t back home. I went on a lot of dates, so I met a lot of new people but I also got to spend quality time with myself. There were periods when I missed home. There were times that I felt uncomfortable and out of place. I’m so fortunate to have worked with people who held space for me, and were excited to help write about everything I was going through.

For those who are listening to your music for the first time, how would you describe your sound?

I’d say at the moment it sits in the alt pop rnb world. I’m an artist that cares a lot about lyrics and storytelling so if you wanna dive in then I’ve done my best to embed everything with meaning. It’s currently festival season!

We want to know, if you could perform at any festival in the world, what festival would you choose and why?

Right now I see something like Cam flog gnaw. Tyler is a huge inspiration to me as an artist and as a person growing and learning about themselves. I feel like what he’s been able to create is really remarkable and I’d love to be part of it. Following on from the last question, what other artists would you have join you on the line-up? Definitely a few friends. Miss Kaninna, Kanada, the loop and Monnie. Ricki Monique, Noname so I can hear some of her new stuff, Earthgang obviously. Solange and Doja Cat, Loyle Carner and Little Simz, Genesis Owusu and oooh duh Kendrick. And I think to bring everything home, the Sacred Souls.

As an artist, what would you say has been the biggest challenge you have had to face?

So far it’s been the conversations with myself about why I’m doing this and at what cost and keeping that front of mind when I have to make decisions about the project. Like really understanding what it takes to make it and confronting the reality of the sacrifices you have to make and priorities you need to get there.

What advice you give to a young artist just starting out in their career?

The first thing that comes to mind is surrounding yourself with good people. Not to be confused with people that always say yes to you. Good people that you can trust, that care about your health. People that are honest and considered. People that have experience in the industry. The other thing is doing your best to celebrate everything that happens – I’m not great at this yet. Music is one of those career paths where you can always be doing more or “better” commercially. So it’s especially important to appreciate what you have achieved thus far.

Finally, can you tell us of any future plans that you may have?

More writing, more music and more shows!

If you are a fan of R&B music, then Forest Claudette is an artist to keep on your radar! A fantastic artist out here doing what they love, and are killing it! You can follow them on Instagram and TikTok for more updates!

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