Taylor Swift Announces ‘Til Dawn’ Tracks

Taylor Swift continues to surprise Midnights listeners, with 3x brand new track being added to the collection.

Taylor Swift has taken the world by storm in recent months as she starts and continues her eras tour. TikTok and other social media platforms are swamped with friendship bracelets and really thought of outfits, as well as glorious videos of Taylor performing rain or shine.

This week, Taylor has announced the Til Dawn tracks to support further the release of her most recent album, ‘Midnights’.

The first new track is named ‘Hits Different’ and fans have been longing for an official release of this track for a little while now. Taylor’s glorious vocals support the catchy backing track so well, and encapsulates many emotions on first listen.

Taylor Swift has listened to her fans for ‘Snow On The Beach (feat. More Lana Del Ray)’. Originally, ‘Snow On The Beach’ was included in the original lineup of midnights with hints of Lana Del Ray throughout. Listeners commented on how they wanted to hear more of Lana in the song and therefore they chose to re-record. This is a truly beautiful song and is covered in similes and metaphors, something that Taylor is known for in her music.

Finally we have ‘Karma (feat. Ice Spice)’. Similar to ‘Snow On The Beach’, it was included in the original Midnights collection. Now offering a brand new experience with the help of Ice Spice, the track has been reimagined with raps and fast spoken word. It has revamped the track in ways unimaginable and the harmonies in both tracks are gorgeous!

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