‘And That’s What You Really Missed’ Wraps Season 1 of Glee!

Glee stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz have reached the first Season finale on ‘And That’s What You Really Missed’.

The two podcasters played Artie Abrams and Tina Coen Chang on the popular teen comedy drama. Their characters were in the original lineup when the Glee club started from the first episode, up until the last episode 6 seasons later.

The podcast discusses episode by episode the storylines and themes that were brought to the small screen. As well as this, brand new behind the scenes stories and conversations with the cast and crew behind Glee’s success.

Kevin and Jenna have just wrapped up Season 1, and listeners are in a reminiscent phase from the show beginning now over 10 years ago. With Quinn in labour, vocal adrenaline stealing the show at Regionals and the return of Rachel Berry’s mum Shelby, how can a whole season be wrapped up so perfectly? Have a listen and find out!

The two presenters are so honestly real when it comes to taking ownership for the troubles Glee brought. They are open about how some of the jokes wouldn’t land now and approach the tough subjects of what ‘wouldn’t age well’ now. However, they know how special the series was and the joy it brought to its’ viewers, so it’s only right to celebrate the good stuff.

Glee was the first drama to promote healthy teen relationships in an authentic way, and often focussed on LGBTQ+ themes. It really was a special time to the teens who grew up with Glee, with many still thanking the show for their coming out stories and general up bringing.

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