MUSIC REWIND: Blue – ‘All Rise’ vs. ‘Heart & Soul’

Known for their ballads and laid back vibes, fans and listeners of Blue enjoy their music for many different reasons.

Blue have had a crazy and successful 2022, reforming and touring their greatest hits, with new tracks too. With a variety of sounds and abilities, today we take a step back in time and rewind the music from the group.

Their debut album released all the way back in 2001, and the same titled single ‘All Rise’ was definitely the best track to kick off the album. Firmly placing their sound on the music scene, the rhythm and clever metaphors had fans hooked from the start.

‘If You Come Back’ is a slower vibe but was just as popular. The tear jerking ballad will have you wishing for an ex within seconds. Who would ever let go of these heartthrobs? They certainly plead a good case!

‘Fly By’ remains one of Blue’s most famous tracks. With their near-rap verses, it remains a pop culture classic and certainly kept the lads popular. It’s sexy vibe has a real early 2000’s sound, with their glorious harmonies in the chorus and Simons’ wrap followed by Lee’s slower vocals, it’s no wonder why the track has done so well.

‘Back Some Day’ is an underrated album track from the lads. With the promise of never letting go, the lyrics describe the feeling of right person, wrong time. The vocals particularly stand out with this one, especially Duncan in the second verse. We could listen to this track on repeat all day!

The ‘Heart & Soul’ album was released in October last year along with their UK tour. With a new mature sound yet with Blue’s defining sound still apparent, fans and listeners are treated to brand new material that has been just as successful as their earlier careers.

‘Haven’t Found You Yet’ is a great example of Blue’s new mature sound. The lyrics are inspiring with the thought of not yet meeting your special person, and this being the reason why previous relationships haven’t worked. It’s a great festival track and would guarantee to have the crowd joining in.

‘This Could Be Love’, similar to ‘All Rise’, is also filled with metaphors. It really is such a lovely song and the passion in the vocals stand out. The excitement of now meeting the right person and the realisation that the new venture could lead to a deeper feeling, this album is a whole journey within itself!

‘Heart & Soul’ will have you up dancing from the beginning. The upbeat backing compliments the track perfectly. This song is proof that Blue can create bangers from ballads to dance anthems. They’ve still got it!

‘Gravity’ is a completely different pace and almost has a sense of dread from the beginning. It’s definitely one of the more serious tracks offered on the album. That being said – it’s a great example of how a collection of songs can make you feel so many different emotions, from one track to the next!

‘Stop’ completes the album in the most beautiful way. The Minsk driven ballad is complimented by a range of pitches and tones from the boys, really showing off their vocal abilities! A great track for reflection, it’s important to slow down and enjoy the moment.

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