Huddy Releases ‘Slowly Healing’

Huddy has dropped gorgeous new track ‘Slowly Healing’. It’s available to listen to on all major streaming platforms!

Huddy is a trend setting, wavy midnight hair coloured singer songwriter, who has returned with his beautiful outlook on life. With a full on mix of crunchy punk distortion mixed with gripping hooks, and a mastermind of thoughtful lyrics, fans are thrilled with the release of his new track. The singer based in Los Angeles introduced his unique sound with ’21st Century Vampires’, which racked up over 40 million streams!

This is Huddys’ first release of 2023, and follows his viral hit single ‘All The Things I Hate About You’. The song took the charts by storm in the Summer of 2022, and became the #1 trending on YouTube and #1 on TikTok trending.

The slow burn of ‘Slowly Healing’ matches the situation perfectly. Huddys’ glorious vocals meet the gentle guitar to produce an incredibly well paced track. The lyrics long for the understanding of why a relationship broke down, and describes the familiar feeling of blurry memories and hind site.

Slowly Healing” is about being patient and gentle with yourself when struggling through a dark time. When we’re suffering, life can feel impossible and it’s easy to get overwhelmed and frustrated. This song is about pushing through those feelings and emerging as a stronger person. I’m so proud of this track and it’s a perfect way to introduce my next project.

The future certainly looks bright for Huddy as fans and listeners long for more music from the creator. Being a raging success from the beginning of his career, it’s impossible to say where the rest of his music will take him, but it’s clear that the sky’s the limit in his case!

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