Red Rose Comes to Netflix!

New Psychological Thriller ‘Red Rose’ is already wracking up streams on Netflix, and has pulled in viewers of all ages.

Red Rose is a brand new thriller series originally streamed with the BBC.

In this new Pretty Little Liars meets Thirteen Reasons Why series, a group of rebellious teenagers are haunted by an app named Red Rose. It’s an invitation only service, and in the beginning looks to be a good way to improve your life – including freebies, a sense of security and even speaking to the dead.

Roch grew up helping to parent her younger twin sisters. With her mum passing while she was still a child, her dad was constantly travelling with work to put food on the table. Roch helped out with childcare to make this work, but it was starting to take its’ toll once the school holidays hit and she was unable to spend time with her friends during the summer before college.

Red Rose promised a way out for Roch, however, things steadily go down hill once Red Rose reveals its’ plan for her. In such a bizarre turn of events, it really isn’t a surprise that her friends didn’t believe her. That was, until, it started happening to them. Her best friend, Wren, becomes the next victim.

If you’re looking for an intense story based thriller with plenty of twists and turns along the way, get this added to your watch list. It can also be seen as an educational piece, with the whole series focussed on the dangers of the dark web and the internet as a whole.

Viewers discretion is advised, with scenes of an uncomfortable nature and topics such as suicide and assault.

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