REVIEW – ‘The School for Good and Evil’ Hits Netflix!

“The School For Good And Evil” is a magical story about fairytales, friendship, and what it feels like to be a misfit.

“The School for Good and Evil” is a series of books written by Soman Chainani. Now, we are able to see the story get bought to life right before our very eyes, as there is now a film adaptation on Netflix. The film tells the wonderful tale of two best friends Sophie (Sophia Anne Caruso), and Agatha (Sofia Wylie) who live in a small village called Gavaldon. To Sophie, her tiny village is not enough for her. Her stepmum is cruel. Her dad doesn’t care. The only person she trusts is Agatha, the town misfit who the village believe to be a witch. Their main escapism is the fairytales they bury themselves into. Little do they know, they will find themselves dropped in their own fairytale story…whether they like it or not.

The School for Good and Evil is the place where fairytales are formed. Two separate schools that help train the heros and the villians of fairytales that we all know and love. Sophie, eager to escape Gavaldon, longs to attend this school as a princess, and attempts to get in touch and asking for her enrolment – even if that means leaving Agatha behind. Although, things don’t quite go to plan. Both Agatha and Sophie get taken from Gavaldon to attend the school however, to Sophie’s dismay, she gets dropped in the school for evil, whilst Agatha gets dropped in the school for good. Here is where their friendship is truly tested. Are they friends? Or are they enemies? This is a question that the girls must figure out for themselves.

Film adaptations of books are very hit and miss. You either love them or you hate them. “The School for Good and Evil” did a fantastic job of sticking with the story, and kept as much detail from the book as they could. The cast did wonderfully at bringing these well-loved characters to life. An interesting watch that is perfect for those who love a touch of magic.

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