Rocco Drops Gentle New Track ‘l-o-v-e’

At just 19 years old, TikTok sensation Rocco showcases his talents in his stunning new single “l-o-v-e”!

“l-o-v-e” is a beautiful ballad that simply transports you to a heavenly world. He declares his love to that special someone. It’s a track that most of us can only dream of being written about. It’s sweet, tender, and just beautiful in every way, shape or form. Rocco explains;

”This song is a conversation. It’s a long proclamation of the love I hold for my girlfriend.” 

Nowadays, all music and pop culture is spread throughout the internet like wildfire. It’s easier than ever to get your music out there for people to hear yet, there is so much talent in the world, unfortunately, it’s also easy to get swept under the rug. But, occasionally you stumble across an absolute gem. Whilst he was in High School, he actually started sharing content on – which we all know now to be the very popular app TikTok. In fact, when he first started sharing content, it wasn’t even music he shared. He actually began  posting short-form Asian comedy content before he began to bless us with his music.

Rocco is the perfect example of just how powerful the internet can be. His breakthrough single “spin you round” which he released just last year has already garnered over 7 million streams!

He is certainly one to watch. “l-o-v-e” is now avaiable to stream via all major streaming platforms, and you can follow Rocco on TikTok and Instagram!

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