Our Top 5 Songs by The 1975!

The 1975 are this year celebrating 10 years since their single ‘Chocolate’, and since then there’s been a continued buzz around their sound.

The 1975 have been around for 10 years and have gone from strength to strength in recent times. From dedicated fans that have been there from the start, to new listeners, the band have certainly excelled in their music and made a firm impact on the music industry. Here’s our Top 5 tracks!

5) If You’re Too Shy (Let Me Know)

With one of the catchiest chorus’ you’ll ever here, we couldn’t not include this track. It’s upbeat backing track sets the scene from the beginning, and is accompanied by the glorious vocals of Matt Healy. We especially love the overlaying harmonies in the second verse! It’s certainly a contender for singing at the top of your voice around the house.

4) Chocolate

This track firmly set The 1975 onto the music scene all the way back in 2013. Its upbeat, fun, and takes listeners back to a much simpler time. Not only does it showcase the airy vocals of Matt Healy, it also shows off the amazing talent of the rest of the band.

3) Robbers

Keeping things old school, ‘Robbers’ featured in the bands first album self titled ‘The 1975’ which was also released in 2013. The longing desperation in this song is devastating. One thing that The 1975 do well is turning a metaphor into a beautiful way to describe a situation. This example is just one of many instances that the song writing detail is second to none.

2) It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)

A firm fan favourite. The perfect clash of instruments and the timing of production is immense, and is supported by the quiet detail of harmonies throughout the track. It really is a gorgeous way to look at a significant other, showing that living can feel empty without your special someone.

1) About You

This song was popular even before it went viral on TikTok, and has since exploded into the ears of music fans. Its’ sombre approach leaves you wanting more throughout the track, and its’ charm is not following the standard structure of a typical song. Its’ one and only chorus is later on on the track, sung by the gorgeous Carly Holt. Having female vocals on ‘About You’ has set a whole new scene for The 1975 sound.

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