Female President Share New Single ‘Junkie’

Female President – a US rock trio – have just shared their wonderful new track titled “Junkie.”

Upon the very first listen, “Junkie” will suck you into a music haze that you won’t want to escape from. The track encapsulates the obsession we feel when we are in love. It’s an addiction that can sometimes be dangerous and leave us broken and bruised, yet we don’t care as long as we get that high. It’s an emotional single to say the least, but a powerful one at that. It will be on your mind constantly, you’ll analyze every note and every lyric to appreciate it at its full depth. It showcases a beautiful blend of blues, soul, rock n roll, and vocal power.

So, who are Female President and why do you need to listen to them immediately? Let us educate you for a moment. They are anĀ American family trio inspired by early roots of rock n roll. They have a unique style that is not something you hear in the charts on a day to day basis. They’re a contrast to what you would usually hear on the radio in the most refreshing way possible. Their music is art, and they are the artist out here doing what they love the most. Their love and appreciation for music stands out just by the way they treat their sound.

During the pandemic, the group were crushed after having to cancel their plans. Now, they’re back and thriving. They are currently writing and recording their upcoming EP which is due to be released in the Spring. In the meantime, you can stream “Junkie” on Spotify, as well as their fantastic debut EP titled “Our Year To Grieve.”

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