Hailey Beavis Shares New Single and Video ‘Blackbird’

Photo Credit: Greg Ryan

Hailey Beavis is an indie-folk artist that has just released her beautiful new single titled “Blackbird.”

“Blackbird” is a track that has one of the most stunning vocal range you could possibly imagine. Hailey’s voice floats effortlessly over notes that will transport you somewhere magical. It explores a deepness that makes you think – in her lyrics a the way the song sounds. The single has been released ahead of her upcoming album “I’ll Put You Where The Trombone Slides” – which debuts this Friday. This debut album has been in the making for the last seven years and now, the songstress is finally ready to share it with the world.

One the single, Hailey Beavis says;

“I wrote ‘Blackbird’ one night in a rehearsal room. The stuttering existential refrain demands answers from an indifferent universe, as casio parts unfold and layer up over electric guitar. As I began writing it, I could hear so many melodies and countermelodies all at once. An early recording of this song hears me trying to find space in the song for each melody, between the twinkling of stars, ghostly choral voices and electric guitar. Check out the video, where I play a ghost hunter and the ghost… spooky!”

As she explained, a music video was released alongside the track. It has an interesting, atmospheric look about it. It’s spooky and looks homemade – which only adds to the character. The creepiness is perfect for the halloween season. You can check the video out now below;

`The album’s title was inspired by a question that the songstress has found herself asking over the last few years; Where do you put the unresolved? Where do you put the memories of the people, the love and the pain? She explains;

“I want to throw a rope around every feeling, every moment and haul it around with me just as much as I want to set it all on fire and be free. Making an album seems like the perfect compromise. A place to put it all. I like the idea of all of this abstract emotion perpetually suspended in the act of the trombone being played. It’s quite a surreal thought, yet it’s comforting to me.”

“Blackbird” is now available to stream via all major streaming platforms! “I’ll Put You Where The Trombone Slides” is out this Friday. To keep up to date with what Hailey Beavis is up to, be sure to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

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