The Summer Set Release Music Video for ‘FTS’ with Travie McCoy!

The Summer Set and Travie McCoy have teamed up for their new song “FTS” – and the music video is just as fun as the song sounds!

The band have just released the first part of their album “Blossom” this past September. This is the first album they’ve released this they disbanded back in 2017. It features eight incredible tracks that are filled with that classic Summer Set sound. There are a couple of collaborations within these tracks including “Teenagers” with Against The Current, and “FTS” featuring rapper Travie McCoy.

“FTS” is a catchy, feel-good song that lift you up, even on your downest days. If you’re feeling like you need a pick-me up, then music is the best medicine and “FTS” is the song for you. Travie McCoy put his signature onto the song in the second verse, and he and the bands vibe blend together beautifully. The music video matches the feel-good sound, but also showcases the wonderful relationship between band and fan.

The video opens with a variety of different The Summer Set fans, expressing their love for the group, and what it means to them being back on the scene. We then later see these fans dance along to “FTS” with the band in a fun-filled video that was directed by Alexandre Bar. It’s always great to see people come together for their love for music, and this video demonstrates just how powerful that relationship can be. The video can now be viewed via YouTube below;

The Summer Set have a lot planned for the future as they prepare for the second part of “Blossom” to be released. It’s been one hell of a year since they got back together, and now the only way is up. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for further updates!

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