Elvis Rehearsal of ‘Always On My Mind’ Comes to Spotify!

Bringing the track to light in a new way, a never before heard audio of ‘Always On My Mind’ by Elvis Presley has come to Spotify.

There really is no need for an introduction for the late Elvis Presley, as he remains one of the most famous male vocalists of all time. Whether you’re a fan yourself, or have listened with your parents or grandparents, it’s impossible to not have been a fan at some point.

The new rehearsal track of ‘Always On My Mind’ shares the track in a new, raw light. We are so familiar with the one and only released recording of all his tracks, it’s really interesting to hear a slightly different version and will have you feel like you are in the recording studio along with him.

That being said, it is sheer proof that his vocals really are out of this world as it’s so similar to the recorded track listeners have heard time and time again. Any producers working with Elvis must have had an easy ride, as the pitch perfect vocals are exactly right from the get-go.

This year has seen a lot of buzz surrounding the singer with the popular release of ‘Elvis‘ in cinemas. A lot of fans and listeners of Elvis didn’t get to experience how famous he really was, and the impact he had on the music industry. However, ‘Elvis’ the film shows how he changed the music industry for good and the impact he had across the world.

With an incredible performance from Austin Butler, the film shows the ecstatic highs and incredible lows of his life and musical talent. With a career spanning several decades, the film amassed huge success and was seen as a celebration of his life.

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