Jordan Umbach Drops New Album ‘Hometown’

Jordan Umbach has launched his brand new album ‘Hometown’, paying homage to his roots. It’s now available to listen to on Spotify!

Jordan is based in Nashville, and is a recording artist and songwriter from Western Pennsylvania. With his unique voice and sing-worthy chorus’s, Jordan has become an artist to look out for as fans continue to flock to his music.

When discussing the new release, Jordan said:

“We wanted to create an album that took classic American themes and put a fresh take on them. My producer, Daniel Dennis, did a great job at giving the record a modern sound. We experimented a lot to find the balance between contemporary and traditional. We wanted to be anything but boring. Hometown is largely inspired by my hometown of Washington, Pennsylvania. We thought it was important for the ‘small town stories’ to be told in a non-traditional way.”

‘Party in Our Hometown’ has that feel good homecoming feeling from the beginning. It’s laid back and easy to sing along to. It will really take you back to growing up in your hometown, and the good times you had in the transition from child to adult.

‘Shaken or Stirred’ is about loving every aspect of someone and recognising the small things. In true Country style, the metaphor is continued throughout the track and paints a gorgeous summery picture!

‘Your Rock’ describes the feeling of wanting to be there for a loved one no matter what. With breathtaking lyrics and an upbeat backing track, the two truly go hand in hand with this one! ‘Peaches’ is an incredibly delicate song, that brings back to life the meaning of love and what it means. A truly gorgeous track, with words that we’ve learned to love from Jordan.

The album is a gorgeous listen to suit all moods, you can find the full track listing below:

1. Life in the Valley
2. Party in Our Hometown
3. Hot Shot Quarterback
4. American Labor Song
5. Shaken or Stirred
6. When the Shine Wears Off
7. Break a Girl’s Heart
8. Let’s Make Time (co-written with Amanda Cramer)
9. Leavin
10. Your Rock
11. Katie 
12. Peaches
13. We Try

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