Orla Gartland Shares Anniversary of ‘Woman On The Internet’

Orla Gartland has celebrated the anniversary of album ‘Woman On The Internet‘ with a special edition release.

Orla is a singer songwriter and producer from Dublin, who has recently celebrated the anniversary of her sensation album. Fans are thrilled as she has shared a digital deluxe anniversary edition of the record.

This release includes five previously unheard tracks, as well as live versions of ‘Bloodline’ and ‘You’re Not Special, Babe’. All of this, as well as an acoustic version of ‘More Like You’, and finally a remix of ‘Over Your Head’ by SASAMI!

When discussing the album, Orla said:

“My first album Woman on the Internet is a year old and to celebrate I’m releasing a digital-only anniversary edition of the record. There are 5 new offerings – some alternative versions of tracks from the album, a demo of a song that didn’t make the initial cut & my absolute favourite; a remix of ‘Over Your Head’ by SASAMI. This total re-imagining of the track makes me feel things – it’s brutal, it’s magnificent, I am obsessed. SASAMI is incredible and her latest album Squeeze is a must listen.”

‘Woman On The Internet’ was a huge release for Orla Gartland, following her first two EP’s – ‘Why Am I Like This’ released in 2019 and ‘Freckle Season’ from February last year. Altogether, the songstress has amassed a whopping 147 million streams as well as 1.3 million monthly Spotify listeners.

Whatever your vibe is, there really is something for everyone on this 16 tracked masterpiece. You can find the track listing below:

Things I’ve Learned 
You’re Not Special, Babe
More Like You
Over Your Head
Do You Mind?
Left Behind
Bloodline/Difficult Things
Bloodline (Live)
More Like You (Acoustic)
Over Your Head (Sasami remix)
You’re Not Special Babe (Live)

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