Bastille Reveal Visuals for New Single ‘Revolution’

Bastille have recently released their visual of single “Revolution” – a futuristic sounding anthem that will blow up your speakers.

“Revolution” is a track that appears on the bands deluxe album “Give Me The Future.” It has that classic Bastille sound, with a unique twist. Bastille have switched things up a bit by releasing the album in three parts. We were first introduced to “Give Me The Future” back in February where it reached the Number 1 spot in the Album Charts. “Revolution” features on part two of the band’s three-part extended edition of the critically acclaimed album. They have named this part “Dreams of the Past,” with part three being named “Other People’s Heart Ache.” Frontman Dan Smith explains;

“In releasing this version of the record, we wanted to give the complete picture of what we intended with this album and also explore the idea that you can choose your own adventure. You can dive into the ideas of the future and an electronic world, or you can fall back into the past – away from technology and into ideas of memory and nostalgia – both thematically and musically. Or you can choose full-on dance floor heartbreak escape.”

A music video was made to bring “Revolution” to life. It sticks with the futuristic theme and successfully transports to the bands way of thinking when they created the single. You feel like you’re inside of their heads, witnessing the thought process. The video can be found to view below;

When talking about the single, Dan continues;

“The chorus is about the intimacy of human connection in the context of some science fiction, space-centered imagery. But it’s also about the idea of those amazingly thoughtful people who spend their lives trying to change the world in a positive way.”

“I’m totally over-awed by people like that – if you’re one of them, like an inventor, activist or scientist, you have to have the ability to imagine a version of the future that’s better than what currently exists, and then have that energy to actually work to make it happen. Alongside all the other things life throws at you. So, I wanted to nod to those people and the idea that before anything big happens, most of them will have had these little revolutions in their minds, a change of perspective that leads to something bigger.”

Bastille have had quite the year already, and it’s not over yet. Since the release of the album, they have been performing their new tracks to multiple crowds, and have created an intimate experience at a variety of sold-out gigs. They wanted to bring the themes of the album to life in arenas across the UK and North America. The Glastonbury audience also got to witness their secret set at the festival. The crowd turned up in the thousands just to be able to catch a glimpse of the band. Their shows continue as they take headline spots at Reading and Leeds festival over August bank holiday weekend. Their tour then continues as they explore South America, and then onto Europe.

Bastille just seem to be the band that keeps on giving. It’s a great time to be a fan of theirs right now. “Revolution,” alongside the rest of the album, can be streamed via all major streaming platforms, the tracklisting for all three parts of the album can be found below;

‘Give Me The Future + Dreams Of The Past’ full tracklisting:


01_Distorted Light Beam

02_Thelma + Louise

03_No Bad Days

04_Brave New World (Interlude)

05_Back To The Future

06_Plug In…

07_Promises (by Riz Ahmed)

08_Shut Off The Lights

09_Stay Awake?

10_Give Me The Future

11_Club 57

12_Total Dissociation (Interlude)

13_Future Holds [feat. BIM]


01_Back To The Innerverse (Interlude)

02_Real Life

03_Family Ties

04_Distorted Light Beam (Reprise)



07_No More Bad Days

08_Hope For The Future


01_Other People’s Heartache (Interlude)

02_Run Into Trouble [Alok x Bastille]

03_Remind Me

04_Eight Hours [Bastille x Tyde]

05_Dancing In The Dark

06_Running Away

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