REVIEW – Lizzo Releases New Album ‘Special’

Lizzo has recently dropped her incredible new album, ‘Special’. You can now listen to the new release on Spotify!

Lizzo has taken over the music world since the early days of her career. Listeners around the world are excited with the new release, complete with a series of bangers and personal, relatable tracks.

The collection opens with ‘The Sign’. With an abundance of energy, Lizzo continues to her her unapologetic self with the focus on self-love and confidence. A few tracks later, we have ‘2 Be Loved’. This is a really sentimental track and acknowledges that you don’t need to be in a relationship either at all, or until you’re ready. This one has an 80’s vibe too, which is a sound that you don’t hear too often anymore.

‘Special’ is the album track title and is found mid-way through the album. This laid back track is an incredibly easy listen and an instant confidence boost. ‘Everybody’s Gay’ is the prideanthem of 2022 and we can imagine this being played at Pride events all over the world. It’s uplifting, camp, and has a feel good sense!

‘Birthday Girl’ describes the feeling of having a birthday night out. Making a bit more of an effort with your outfit, hair and make-up! This works on a get ready playlist and emphasis girl power and celebrating with friends.

The album ends with ‘Coldplay’ and opens with lyrics from their banger ‘Yellow’, and is a perfect goodbye to the new collection. From start to finish, Lizzo has perfected a brilliant summer album with songs to suit all moods and circumstances.

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