Deathcruiser Share ‘Under Your Skin’

Deathcruiser have released their gorgeous new single ‘Under Your Skin’. It is now available to listen to on Spotify!

Deathcruiser is the moniker of Adam Roth, a singer songwriter from Nashville. Many know Adam from his time with Grizfolk, on vocals of the Swedish American band. Together they had success with 3 studio albums, and have toured the globe many times in the last 10 years.

Now, Deathcruiser is releasing his own material and fans are thrilled with his constant creativity.

‘Under Your Skin’ is an incredibly easy listen. Mulling over the misery and chaos of the world, Roth longs for the invitation of another world. It really does make you wonder, if there is something or someone else out there, what issues might they live with? Would they accept the human race? These are all questions you might not have thought about before, but you certainly will after checking out this track.

When discussing the new track, Roth said:

“If there’s any chance life exists outside this planet, I hope this song reaches them. ‘Under Your Skin’ was written as a sort of bat signal, sent out into the universe in hopes of an alien abduction. The song touches on the chaos and misery here on Earth, and a desire to be swept away to a far off place by celestial beings. Metaphorically speaking, it’s a yearning to know what it feels like to live without the uncomfortable Earthly feelings.”

Excitingly, Deathcruiser is set to release a new EP which is set to be a five tracked piece of great hits. With the promise of a careful balance mixing Nashville balldry and Springsteenian fireworks, Roth hopes that this is sustainable music to suit all audiences to sing along to and enjoy.

For more information and to track any future announcements, you can follow Deathcruiser on Instagram and Twitter.

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